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Aandacht voor Zelf-Zorg

Bergdreef 40

4822 TM Breda

[email protected]

mobiel 06-48494799


Dogs are by definition helpful to me. It is not without reason that they are called the human being his / her best friend.

They are a great example of how to live in the here and now.

By cuddling with them, both they and we produce oxytocin, the happiness hormone.

Every day I enjoy my dog ​​girls Ayla, Bibi and Chloë.

If desired, I use them in coaching and since the corona time they have also been doing voluntary work in 2 homes.

I am so proud of my them and what a pleasure we experience here!

Several descendants of Ayla and Bibi have already been used with people where they function mentally, emotionally and physically as service dogs. I am also very grateful for that.

Hieronder mijn mooie hondenmeisjes:

Ayla, de bruine labrador

Ayla, de bruine labrador

Deze foto is van januari 2014. Ik was op slag verliefd op dit heerlijke knuffel monstertje.

Bibi, de zwarte labrador

En deze kleine meid, de dochter van Ayla, is 4 juli 2016 in mijn handen geboren. Hoe speciaal is dat!

Chloë, de zwarte maltipoo

En in oktober 2020 kregen wij dit kleine meisje dat de roedel compleet maakte.